I believe in the importance of sharing experiences. I created a page for you to view the thoughts of those he has worked with.

Denise Link

Dallas has his finger on the pulse of the relatively new field of social marketing. Working with him has given me concrete, practical ideas that I can implement immediately. 

Dallas’s technique feels like a discussion with a caring colleague. He asks thoughtful questions and offers his own ideas and recommendations. He comes prepared to meetings, but adapts to the situation and my style. Dallas actually cares that I have a successful business and wants to help. 

In the short time I have worked with Dallas, I can already attribute new business to our relationship. I had a head start in social media–I have used Twitter, Facebook and Word Press both personally and professionally–so what I needed from Dallas was less emphasis on basics and more “next steps” and ways to increase my reach. His recommendations were clear, practical and exactly what I needed.

Nathan Wheat, DC

I was clueless when it came to social media before I started working with Dallas. I had a personal Facebook profile, but that was it. Here I am a few months later and after listening to him, AND doing what he told me to do I have a substantial on-line presence. I now know how to use all the different aspects of social media to get my foot in the door with people. I’m able to do all sorts of things that I was flat out clueless about and scared to try before. When I told him the markets that I wanted to target, he came back with loads of research about those specific markets. He also took me through at a pace that I was comfortable with, because this was not stuff that I was comfortable doing. I was taken to new places that I wouldn’t have ever thought about before for my business.

Chris Seiberling

Dallas has one of the most complete understandings of branding of any marketing professional I know. This understanding coupled with his knowledge of social media and social media marketing make him a triple threat. His ability to create an online brand presence that meshes with the rest of an organization’s brand building efforts is second to none. In Dallas and Social Republick you will find a dedicated, creative, and driven extension of your business that will help you achieve your company’s unique goals for social media success.

Brandi Nelson

Dallas was an amazing help to me when I wanted to ramp up my social media interaction with my clients and increase my business marketing. He was helpful, patient, knowledgeable and had great ideas for my business. I was very impressed with his ability to take my ideas and turn them into simple actions that even I could handle. I would highly recommend Dallas to everyone!

Robert Hidajat

Dallas is a creative force! I have worked with Dallas for a few years and he continues to impress me. bHeroic’s tagline “earn your tights!” came from his brilliantly twisted mind! Business owners, don’t waste another dime of your marketing budget on ads and coupons. Let Dallas help you craft a marketing strategy that will make your brand stand out from the crowd.

Kelsey Leighton

It has been wonderful working with Dallas and Social Republick.  He was a great help to get my website successfully up and running while providing me with helpful insights to market my business.  He walked me through the entire process and taught me the essential tools to take my website even further in the future. His patience and accommodation for my hectic schedule was great to work with in addition to his professional and understanding attitude. I am already seeing results from the website creation, and am looking forward to working with Dallas in the future. 

Janis Van Ahn

Social Media… learning what those two words meant seemed overwhelming and more than I wanted to deal with as I began my own new business in insurance.  I met Dallas J. Moore in October when I joined the Ames BNI networking group.  This is a group that meets weekly and therefore we get to know each other very quickly.

I decided in February to begin learning about social media and how it can benefit my business.  I contacted Dallas, indicated what I would like to achieve and at what pace. Our first meeting consisted of figuring out a timeline of when and how often we would be meeting.  That figured, we began meeting every other thursday.

Dallas is great because he not only explains what he knows and how it is of value to me and my business, but he includes me by ‘assigning’ homework and finding ways to tap my creativity.  Our meetings are focused and productive and my favorite is that if I have an idea, Dallas ‘bookmarks’ where we are, let’s me go with that idea for a bit and then drives back to what we are working on and surprisingly, my ‘tangent’ usually applies back to our original focus.

Dallas also does a great job not only learning about my business from me, but does his own research and often has found articles or information on the internet that are relevant today for me.  I appreciate this involvement in MY business and not just telling me what I need from his point of view, but helping me understand what parts of social medial would fit my business as well as my needs.

Ernest Phillips

I have spent the last 7 years perfecting a process which people learn the skills and strategies for a healthy relationship.  Every client that has completed the process reported life changing results and impact.  However, I was unable to get the product into the hands of the people who desire the results on my own.  Dallas was persistent in finding new ways to bridge the gap between the product and the person.  Building off his suggestions, I have a new marketing campaign that has more success opportunities and bypasses the significant barriers of the last three years.  He invested in my company’s mission to build healthy relationships; and that made the difference.

Zachary F. Ward, DC

I think everyone who has a professional service is in the exact same business. Improving the quality of our clients’ life. For me that means less pain, better movement, improved sleep, and the opportunity to be you again. For another business that means freedom from paperwork, or not worrying about taxes, or whatever. I love the passion of the guys from Social Republick because they get this. And they’ve helped me see the ways that I can build relationships through social media so that people will give me an opportunity to show them how I might be able to improve the quality of their life.

As far as the actual production was concerned, Dallas and Jason were available and timely when it came to putting my online videos together.  But more than that, I consider them a walking resource of social media passion and knowledge. They’ll help you see all the rewards and challenges of a social media campaign, and guide you through the process. Trust me: this is about more than just having your nephew set up a Facebook page for your business…This is about building credibility and top of mind awareness in a fun and constantly changing environment. Your reputation is on the line, and Social Republick knows their stuff.